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At PALO Creative, we combine strong journalistic experience with our fine-tuned strategic approach to deliver comprehensive business solutions that put your company in the public eye. From maximizing your company's exposure to defending its reputation, we establish your company as an industry expert and keep it that way.


The main goal of a public relations department is to enhance a company’s reputation. At PALO Creative, we like to think of ourselves as reputation defenders.

We understand that the credibility and reputation of a company is heavily influenced by the perception of its responses during crisis situations. The organization and communication involved in responding to a crisis in a timely fashion is challenging. Our crisis management skills involve dealing with threats after they have occurred. No matter the threat, PALO Creative can help your company emerge with its reputation and business in one piece.

PALO’s expert team provides everything you need to handle high-pressure environments. When done right, crisis management can turn problems into opportunities.


It’s essential to promote your current news to the press in order to generate sales.

A feature story in a targeted media venue can significantly boost brand awareness and foot or web traffic to your business. More importantly, this kind of coverage provides third-party credibility that you simply cannot buy with paid advertising.

Media kits make it easy for the media to find all your information in one place. Media outlets will ask for a kit, so don’t make the mistake of not having one or of creating an inadequate one. The whole aim of the media kit, whether for a new company or an established one, is to catch the media's attention.

At PALO Creative, we design kits specific to your company’s purpose or goal. Whether you are a new company or you are promoting a new product, your kit will help get you noticed.


The public might be the buyers of a product but the media are the ones responsible for selling it. Clients still need the third-party endorsement of traditional media in order to build trust with the public. Effective media exposure can establish your company as an “expert” in its field and build brand name.

The core of traditional PR is both the delivery and the creation of the message. This means developing different story angles for different publications, matching the message to the medium and shaping the pitch to sell the story to all forms of the media.

PALO Creative’s PR team comes from a journalism background making it easier to effectively reach the media. From feature stories to product reviews we keep or clients in the forefront. Through the media you and your company are presented not as an ad, or a commercial, but as the news.