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our work flow process

No Squares Here. The PALO Process is a circular, never ending process. It consists of a free flow of information where ideas are sometimes thrown off randomly and with some degree of reckless abandonment.

Call it brain-storming, call it spit-balling, call it what you will. We believe that all of our heads are better than one. Unless maybe you're Max Headroom. That show was great. Way ahead of it's time with all the computer animation, but I digress. We use flexible thinking to find solutions to client’s problems. What? Really... Aha! Plan... Act. Repeat.


We immerse ourselves in your product or business during this phase. We learn about you on both a personal and professional level. We outline your goals, define trends, and research consumers and your competitors.

[ define ]


We use our field expertise to design a plan that will accomplish your goals. We create a multi-tiered campaign because we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all marketing models, so you get a unique plan tailored to your company.

[ create ]


Implementing and managing your marketing plan in the right way is crucial. We make sure your message hits the right people at the right time and use our B.R.A.N.D. theology to create name recognition that has staying power.

[ manage ]


It's important to understand how effective our marketing efforts are. We have tools to track the reach and frequency of your message across all mediums; allowing us to reevaluate your plan and refine/update it so it stays fresh and relevant.

[ refine ]