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At PALO Creative, we eat, breathe and sleep marketing. To us, it’s not work – it’s a labor of love. Our team scours the internet in search of the latest and greatest marketing trends from reading up on industry happenings and new technologies to even listening to what Gary Vee has to say on YouTube. We then present our findings along with some thoughts to you through the PALO blog. So go ahead, give it a read.

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We take heed and listen to influencers, industry experts and scour the web in search of the best approach to marketing. That’s why we invest in many software technologies to provide a better delivery of your message and therefore delivering results. We then present our findings along with some thoughts to you through the PALO blog, PALO BUZZ podcast and Gameplan for Growth series with Rob Palowitz, our founder. So go ahead, give it a read, or a download, mark our “vid” as a “fav” or listen to one of our entertaining podcasts…we’re sure it’ll provide you with a tidbit to walk away with.

3 Ways to Grow Engagement with Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are giving businesses a fresh and creative way to engage and personally connect with audiences. With over 500 million users every day, businesses can't afford to ignore the opportunity of capturing direct attention and feedback from followers....

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Authenticity, Emotions & Branding – Oh my!

Let’s kick this week’s freshly squeezed off with some hard facts: People want the truth People feel People are significantly influenced by emotions What do these three things have in common? They strongly indicate marketers have the important job of influencing...

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The Exploding Nike Shoe Felt Around the World

  Okay everyone, let’s take a collective breath now. The dust has somewhat settled since ShoeGate (Do you ever notice how every scandal has “gate” in it?) went down a week ago. The ramifications? Well, Nike’s stock was down 1.32% as of last Thursday evening, costing...

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