Fresh Squeezed

Fresh Squeezed Creativity by PALOCreativity and Strategy aren’t just buzzwords. They define our Lean Marketing culture – maximize production and minimize waste.

It’s not enough to produce something that gets put up on the fridge. Our team carefully considers the pros and cons of every tactic before it’s put into play, ensuring we deliver the best possible results for your investment. When we push the button on a plan, it will have the right talent with the right tools and the right platform to get you best possible end result.

Fresh Squeezed at PALO

The PALO Playbook

It might be a risky move, but we figure the only way to get you to understand PALO culture is to share our creative process. Whew … ok. Here we go.

We’re loud. We sing along with music, we do quasi-spot-on impressions of our favorite cartoon characters, and we’ve even come up with a few catch phrases of our own that we repeat ad nauseam. The brainstorming process begins and ends by pelting each other with foam dart guns, and we nurture those precious moments of marketing brilliance with coffee. Lots of coffee.

To some, this may seem distracting. To PALO, this is just the way we produce proven, effective work that builds your brand and gets your message out to the right people.

So, when the darts start flying, y’know … duck.

PALO Play Book