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Gameplan for Growth: Inbound Marketing Methodology

Marketing is evolving and at a fast pace. The tactics you came to rely on yesterday to get in front of your customers, may not be enough today.

Cold calls, direct mail, billboards, TV and radio advertisements – are all essential to promoting your business. However, these outbound marketing methods are NOT the driving force behind making a purchase.

The way people buy today has changed, dramatically. Think about the last time you made a buying decision: Did you wait to hear about a particular product or service on the radio? Probably not. Did you call a salesperson to ask about a service without doing your homework? Most likely no.

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3 Ways to Grow Engagement with Instagram Stories


Instagram stories are giving businesses a fresh and creative way to engage and personally connect with audiences. With over 500 million users every day, businesses can’t afford to ignore the opportunity of capturing direct attention and feedback from followers. Instagram stories allow users to share sequences of photos and videos that are viewable for 24 hours and provide a more flexible and modern approach to social media marketing.

With several “sticker” options, businesses can develop interactive polls, quizzes, and even ask questions. Companies should use these to their advantage and promote relevant and personable content that aligns with growth goals. Just like any digital tactic, developing an effective approach requires time, research and planning. To help businesses get the most out of Instagram stories, here are three surefire ways to grow engagement with the photo and video sharing feature.

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Spring Clean Your Website with the PALO 4-Point Checklist

Yay for spring! Boo for cleaning. Okay, so, spring cleaning isn’t that bad. In fact, it’s a great opportunity to assess your home altogether. You get to determine which rooms need some TLC and from there, decide what’s old and irrelevant that can be tossed away or donated to make way for new and exciting things.

The same approach can be applied to your website (and you thought spring cleaning was just reserved for collecting spare change under your couch cushions). If you haven’t polished your site in a while, you could quickly be losing quality and credibility in the eyes of visitors and powerful search engines. Sites with outdated content result in fewer visitors and lower conversion rates compared to those updated regularly with fresh content.

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Audit Your Business’ Website Content in 4 Easy Steps


How can we decide which direction to take if we don’t know where we are? Content audits can provide insights into the strengths and weaknesses of a website, and most importantly help prioritize future marketing initiatives.

With 81% of consumers turning to the internet to make a purchase, it’s necessary to have your website rank in the top ten on Google search results pages and provide a positive user experience. Website content is a strong influencer on both of these elements and is a driving force behind attracting potential customers.

What is a content audit?

In layman’s terms, it’s a giant review of your existing website content. The analysis done effectively should open your eyes to several opportunities for improving the quality and relevancy of content. This step is often overlooked by many businesses but is necessary to moving forward with a well-defined and targeted approach.

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Gameplan for Growth: Lead Generation 101

How to capture potential customers for your business. 

A business without marketing is like a car without gas. Without the right strategy, plan and tactics in place, an organization can fall short in capturing potential customers. So, how can marketers attract the right people at the right time? It starts with a successful lead generation campaign. 

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The End of an Era (sort of): What You Need to Know About the Google+ Shutdown


And just like that, Google+ is now a memory (June 28, 2011 – April 2, 2019). The social media network was the brainchild of Google execs who, despite past failed attempts, believed this time things would be different.  However, those hopes never came to fruition. So, why didn’t Google+ catch fire?

It’s not you, it’s me. We’ve all heard the line coined by our friend, George Costanza.  With Google+, the blame falls solely on the hands of Google, especially after a software glitch had exposed 500,000 users’ data for nearly three years. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here, as we should start from the beginning.

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Authenticity, Emotions & Branding – Oh my!


Let’s kick this week’s freshly squeezed off with some hard facts:

What do these three things have in common? They strongly indicate marketers have the important job of influencing decisions by tapping into emotions. A person’s ability to perceive, interpret and react based on emotion is enough to tell us the authentic content needs to be present in order to influence purchasing decisions and build brand loyalty. Authenticity is especially vital in today’s digital marketing landscape, and it’s only going to become more crucial as Generation Z enters the workforce and accounts for more consumer spending.

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The Exploding Nike Shoe Felt Around the World


Nike Just Blew It

Okay everyone, let’s take a collective breath now. The dust has somewhat settled since ShoeGate (Do you ever notice how every scandal has “gate” in it?) went down a week ago. The ramifications? Well, Nike’s stock was down 1.32% as of last Thursday evening, costing the sporting apparel company $1.1 billion in stock value.

We’re no Jordan Belfort (How hard is it to sell a pen anyway?), but it doesn’t take an experienced Wall Street broker to know losing a billion dollars isn’t good for a business’ portfolio (Is that what it’s even called?) and we may have a slight inkling as to why. Let’s return to the scene of the crime.

“His shoe broke.”

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4 Totally Super Weird, but Pretty Sweet Valentine’s Day Freebies

Hands Holding a Heart


While we reminisce about candy grams and heart-shaped pizza slices from middle school, Valentine’s Day is big business, regardless of your conspiracy theory that it’s a made-up holiday crafted by the fine folks over at Hallmark.

Valentine’s Day by the Numbers

Americans sure love Valentine’s Day. This is how much we’re expected to spend this holiday.

$1.8 billion on candy

$2 billion on flowers

$4.7 billion on jewelry

On average, we’ll spend $161.96 (let’s round it up to $162) to dazzle their loved ones. That’s up almost 20 bucks from just a year ago. There’s a lot of competition out there to get your business. And so, some are taking a sweet, perhaps sour approach to Valentine’s Day. Who? What? Hop on, we’re diving into the not so typical. Brace yourself!

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Big Game Commercials You’re Going to be Talking About Today

Family Watching TV With Excitement

Let’s be honest here, unless you live in Boston or Los Angeles, there’s not much at stake in this year’s Super…we mean, the big game! Heck, the losing city gets a great consolation prize with free Uber rides. For the rest of us, it’s an excuse to overindulge in chicken wings, chips and guac, pizza and plenty of adult beverages (maybe it’s time for Super Saturday), which makes for an interesting Monday in the office. Since we don’t have a horse in the race, we get to focus our attention on the best part; the commercials!

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6 Motivational Quotes to Inspire Growth in 2019

PALO Creative Branded Laptop

Ahhh January. The month of new aspirations, fresh beginnings and a slight urgency to start the year out even better than before. For marketers, January provides the opportunity to explore new perspectives and strategy enhancements, and most importantly, it’s a time to set the tone for success and growth in 2019. To help you start out on the right foot, we’re giving you some of our favorite quotes that are sure to inspire growth in the year ahead.

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Why Online Reputation Management Matters and How You Can Improve It

PALO Employee On Laptop

In today’s fast-paced digital world, interacting online is as important as ever when trying to reach not only your current customers, but potential ones as well. 

People are constantly leaving reviews on social platforms, such as Facebook, and review websites including Google, Yelp and TripAdvisor to name a few. There are even those who will write about their experience with your business on their own blog! 

Hopefully, most of your customers have had great experiences with your business and leave reviews that reflect just that. Unfortunately, even the best businesses encounter unsatisfied customers, and someone is likely to eventually leave a negative review. 

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