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A Beginner’s Guide to Effective Video Marketing

Video is no longer a single component of your content marketing strategy. It’s central to growing consumer engagement and allowing campaigns to reach their full potential. Thanks to the advent of social media and its gained notoriety, the marketing gameplan has been revised (for the better of course) with new X’s and O’s to score the attention of your audience. One of which being, promoted videos through social media. It’s no surprise that video has dominated the social media ecosystem. According to a recent study, four of the top six channels on which consumers watch videos are, in fact, social channels.

So, are you present on social media? That’s the first step to maximizing full video exposure. It allows you to put your video in front of people who have already expressed a general interest in your brand. To have access to a (virtual) sea full of people and potential leads, you must create a strong presence and layout a content marketing strategy that includes helpful information about your business and address any pain points or challenges consumers may be experiencing.

Once your social media presence is established, you’re ready to reap the many benefits of video marketing. Follow these five tips to incorporate video into your next marketing campaign, and attract more potential customers for your business.

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SEO for Modern Business

What Can’t You Learn from a Puppet?

Meet Mosie and Clive. They’re here to teach you all about Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. Can you dig it? Click the image and groove to the wisdom of what SEO can do for your modern business! Don’t be a square – subscribe to PALO’s channel!