Talmer Bank & Trust

Catch our regional, multi-platform campaign for Talmer in 2016

This year, we had the pleasure of working with Talmer Bank and Trust in promoting incentives for customers who opened a new certificate of deposit (CD) with the bank.

This was truly a regional effort. So, we rolled up our sleeves, flexed our marketing muscles, and launched a massive creative campaign, complete with radio spots, print ads, a comprehensive social media strategy, and in-store marketing materials for 83 locations in five states.

College and professional football had just gotten into the swing of things, so we leaned on the midwest’s love of football to connect with our audience in those market areas. Encouraging customers to follow their “Championship Dreams,” our material drew from the increased excitement of the start of the football season.

We had done work with financial institutions in the past, so this gave our team an opportunity to apply our knowledge on a regional scale. We’re pleased to say that the campaign was a success and we continue to work with Talmer Bank. In fact, we’ll be rolling out a brand new campaign in the first quarter of 2016, so stay tuned!

Morris Financial

PALO set to work rebranding Morris Financial in a way that would give this time-tested financial institution a modern, sharp appearance that more adequately expresses its status. A complete rebrand and website has pushed Morris’ lead generation to new heights. We couldn’t be prouder!


Centricity works to help make manufacturing processes more efficient and modern; a goal that is evident with the company’s EZ Indexers, which work directly with PLC and PC control systems. The technology is more advanced when compared to traditional mechanical indexers, so that’s exactly what we did with a series of funny ads that equate mechanical indexers to using other types of outdated technology. Couple that with a brand new, easy to navigate website, and Centricity’s web presence is as modern as its products.