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Writer’s Block – Knock it out for Good

“Writing about writer’s block is better than not writing at all.” — Charles Bukowski

Why “I can’t write” doesn’t fly

Writing is one of the most deceivingly difficult tasks imaginable. Second only to making a perfect hollandaise sauce, we’re pretty sure.

As a small business owner that specializes in a particular service or product, you would think that years of experience would provide an endless supply of writing material…which it does. So why does blogging seem like such a task? How do you beat writer’s block?

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Goodwill Youngstown

Donations are the lifeblood of any nonprofit. So, when we set to work designing the new website for the Youngstown Area Goodwill Industries, we made it easy to give a gift with a bold green button at the top of the homepage that directs visitors to the donations page. Equally important to Goodwill are people and the community, so we made it easy to apply for employment and browse the company’s programs, as well as the latest news and events.