Brands Get Political…was it the Right Play?

Was the Super Bowl the right time and place for advertisers to make a statement?

Since President Trump’s election in November, politics have been the talk of the day. You can’t turn on the TV, check your Facebook, or even stand around the water cooler without catching some political conversations/debates/arguments.

super bowl commercials

Budweiser 2017 Super Bowl Commercial | ‘Born the Hard Way’

Days after Super Bowl LI, people were still talking about the political overtones in some of the ads. Super Bowl commercials are a phenomenon unto themselves; a portion of those watching the game does so only for the commercials, so it’s no surprise that the political angles of this year’s crop of ads would have people talking.

From the minute-long Budweiser commercial sparking immigration debates, to a Spanish-speaking mother and daughter walking up to a huge border wall in 84 Lumber’s spot, to Audi’s ‘Daughter’ commercial being labeled as liberal propaganda, Sunday was rife with ads that got people talking.

Freshman advertisers got into the act too. While hair care product company It’s A 10 poked fun at “four years of bad hair,” Airbnb struck a more serious tone with its ‘We Accept’ ad; a clear criticism of the president’s travel ban executive order.

But while this year’s Super Bowl commercials went against advertising’s generally accepted conventional wisdom of ‘keep your politics to yourself’, were these ads in poor taste? Let’s let the numbers decide. (more…)