Rob Palowitz


What do you do all day?
I spend a better part of the day communicating with clients via email, phone and texting. It is such a daunting task to keep current with my inbox and vast of array of ways to get a hold of me. After that, I’m in meetings, I’m thinking, then working on strategy and proposals for new and existing clients. I constantly research and evaluate how we can be and do better here at PALO. I look outside this area to see how we measure up in comparison to larger agencies. I like to provide vision to the team to think outside the box with positive reinforcement. Think BIG and encourage my team to be experts with what they are responsible to provide in solutions to our clients.

How do you stay sane?
With all the fun things I like to do with my family and friends like golfing, fishing, hunting, gatherings and fussing around in my workshop, I immerse myself in the moment. I do have a little condition called, “FOMO.” It stands for, “Fear Of Missing Out” syndrome. I like to make sure I’m kept in the loop with people’s plans, just in case I want to partake! A little socializing and laughter go a long with managing stress and anxiety.

What inspires you?
Somewhat of a short answer, being a successful husband, dad, entrepreneur, businessman and solid human being is what inspires me. Providing a place where I can watch something grow and flourish while helping others is inspirational. I also take pride with being the best parent I can be guiding my kids into the right direction. Seeing how our influences and guidance can give them a solid foundation to grow into unbelievably well rounded individuals, that too, is inspiring to me.

Mad Skillz
1. Organizational/Operational – always following up and following through – awareness of as many things as possible – from client to employee and overall business
2. Positive thinking – creative thinking – strategically thinking with ambition to be better – all play in growing something that started as a dream
3. I can survive in any environment – inside or outside – with any type of individuals (At least I think I can!)
4. I love working the microphone, being in front of a crowd, in a radio station studio or being in front of the camera!

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